How does G-Floor graphic handle foot traffic?

G-Floor Graphic contains up to "0.075" of solid, clear polyvinyl material that protects your designs and art; that's 75/1000" of solid wear layer. Compared to the industry standard of about "0.015" to "0.020," you can get it when we tell you it will handle ANY amount of foot traffic with the proper setup materials. It can even hold up to vehicles driving on it. 

And yes, we've tested that last part.

what size does g-floor graphic print in?

While the term "custom-sizes" can sometimes be severely limiting, we here at NSURGENCY take it to the literal level. G-Floor Graphic is manufactured in 10' widths, meaning NSURGENCY can cater down to desk mats if that's what you want. But if you're needing a massive space covered, where G-Floor Graphic truly shines is the unique cutting process that can provide a seamless look to your designs no matter what sq footage is. 


G-Floor Graphic comes in 3 clear textures and 1 solid texture with 3 color variations. For more information about your options, including some tech data, head to G-Floor Graphic Printing Options